Waterside houses

This started out unusually — I did the pen-and-ink sketch directly, without any pencil drawing, or even any real plan.

Waterside, NB — pen-and-ink sketch

Waterside, NB — pen-and-ink sketch

Watercolour sketch of houses in Waterside, New Brunswick

A watercolour sketch of the same houses from the same reference photo.

Watercolour sketch of houses in Waterside, New Brunswick, from reference photos I took in August, 2016.

On 9 ¼ × 6 ¼″ Stillman & Birn Alpha (white/150 gsm) hard-bound sketchbook.

I later did another of the same view.

2 Responses to “Waterside houses”

  1. Brandon DeWolfe

    I love this painting…we have a summer place just down the road. I was curious if you considered selling any of your work?

    • Christopher Mackay

      I do sell my work, though as I make my living as a web designer, I somehow always end up as the lowest-priority client, so getting my eCommerce site up and going is perpetually back-burnered.


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