Dan Mangan live at the Vogue Cinema

Friday night my friends Kelly and John and I took in Dan Mangan’s live show at the Vogue Cinema in Sackville, NB.

The show was, in a word, amazing.

As it happens, I was first in line, so I was able to get front-row seats. Having had good luck recording video at Garnet Rogers and U2, I thought I’d give my new iPhone 4S a whirl. Sadly, I missed the first song (stupid, stupid, stupid), but I got the rest of the show in 1080p.

After the show, Kelly and John met Dan, got autographs, and had a chat. I asked Dan if he was okay with me posting these clips to YouTube, and he said you can’t stop it these days. I pointed out that if he didn’t want me to, then I wouldn’t post them. He said he appreciated that, but to go ahead.

So I have. I shot 18 GB of video, and it took almost 48 hours to upload. Hope you enjoy it. If you get the chance to see him live, do not hesitate.

Dan Managan: Sold

Dan Mangan: Oh Fortune

Dan Mangan: Post-war Blues

Dan Mangan: Basket

Dan Mangan: You Silly Git/Road Regrets

Dan Mangan: If I Am Dead/Daffodil/Starts With Them, Ends With Us

Dan Mangan: How Darwinian

Dan Mangan: Some People

Dan Mangan: Rows of Houses/Regarding Death and Dying

Dan Mangan: The Indie Queens Are Waiting
The Crackling: Keep Me Drunk

Dan Mangan: Robots/So Much for Everyone

3 Responses to “Dan Mangan live at the Vogue Cinema”

  1. Kelly

    I’ve been to a lot of shows; very few have had this impact on me. It was phenomenal! I’ll never forget it… especially the final two songs, which were spectacular. Thanks to Dan for being so incredible, and thanks to you for recording it! It’s amazing to get to relive it.

    (I am SO dragging you to the next show I go to. 😉 )


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